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Just look at your patrons! They can't keep their eyes off of their smart phones. This training will teach you how to tap into the power of mobile marketing specifically for restaurants!

Tired of expensive print restaurant marketing that delivers little foot traffic or sales? For a limited time only – managers and owners interested in trying restaurant SMS marketing can access our free video course.

This three part course will show you all you need to know about mobile phone marketing including mobile apps for restaurants, restaurant SMS marketing and mobile websites. Learn the secrets of top mobile marketing companies that are working – right now – with your competitors on developing text message marketing for restaurants – are you in the game?

Restaurant SMS Marketing Facts

Learn how to use mobile marketing to turn around a slow night – send out an SMS marketing message to a select group of customers with a one night only offer and watch the customers pour in! It’s easy enough to do yourself with simple-to-use SMS marketing software that takes you through mobile text marketing step-by-step. Too busy for DIY? Hire a mobile marketing agency to manage all your mobile marketing services and watch your business grow. Start today with our free video course on restaurant marketing.

If you own or manage a restaurant, you know how important it is to promote your brand and fill tables. Restaurant SMS marketing allows you instant, in-hand access to your customers. Text message marketing for restaurants is the fastest growing marketing tool in your industry – from promoting daily menu specials to app discounts or drink promotions; text marketing is a low-cost, high ROI strategy. 95% of SMS marketing messages are read in less than 5 minutes and have a response rates from 11%-27% or higher depending on the efficacy of your restaurant SMS marketing message.

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After watching our free training on text message marketing for restaurants, mobile apps for restaurants and mobile marketing websites, you’ll be equipped to decide if you’re ready to get SMS marketing software and jump into mobile text marketing for yourself or if you need to look for mobile marketing companies to help launch your SMS marketing, mobile app development and other mobile marketing services.

What Exactly Will I Learn Watching Your Videos?

In short, everything you need to know to have a grip on the concepts of mobile marketing services as well as strategies used by the top US mobile marketing agency and advice on implementing a complete mobile phone marketing campaign for your eatery. We will show you how your competitors are:

  • Using mobile phone marketing to send out last-minute discounts on dead nights to get seats filled
  • Utilizing mobile text marketing to promote live music, team trivia or sports viewing events to bring in a bigger crowd
  • Using text marketing to encourage birthday club participation to attract text list opt-ins and drive business all year long
  • How to know when to use a mobile marketing agency and when you can manage your own mobile marketing services
  • How easy to use tools like SMS marketing software and mobile app development tools are more user friendly and less technical than you can imagine
  • Plus – – case studies and real-world examples of how mobile text marketing and mobile app development are increasing restaurant profits exponentially with just a low cost investment in SMS marketing software and a few minutes of their time!

Text Message Marketing Restaurants

Don’t wait – don’t hesitate – free training on text message marketing for restaurants is yours today!

Training Video #1 – Text Message Marketing for Restaurants
SMS Restaurant Marketing Training

Text marketing has the top read and response rates of any consumer communication medium. Restaurants use SMS marketing for meal giveaways to drive list opt-ins, send out e-coupons, alert customers to special events and more.

Training Video #2 – Mobile Websites for Restaurant Marketing
Mobile Website Training for Restaurant SMS Marketing

Mobile websites are a must-have for any business today – by 2013 web browsing on cell phones is expected to exceed laptop and PC web usage combined. Learn secret strategies top mobile marketing companies use when developing mobile websites for restaurant mobile marketing.

Training Video #3 – Mobile Apps for Restaurants
Mobile App Training for Restaurant SMS Marketing

With over 1 billion apps download each month, deciding to expand your restaurant marketing to include mobile apps for restaurants just makes sense. Mobile app development is now easier than ever, either on your own or working with a mobile marketing agency.

“Our little French bistro is pretty new on the scene and building a customer base has been a challenge. We had toyed with the idea of trying text marketing, but were always too busy to actually do anything. After we watched your free course on mobile phone marketing, we were raring to go. We purchased a mid-range SMS marketing software package after deciding to forego mobile marketing companies and do it ourselves. We ran a promo to build our list of subscribers and then we launched our first text marketing campaign. It was a hit – we got a 34% response rate. We can’t thank you enough for getting us started with restaurant SMS marketing! Next, we’re looking at mobile app development – your videos really inspired us!”
Jean – Glen Ellyn, IL
“I manage a bakery in a busy, downtown area, so I watch people rushing by all day, cell phones in hand, talking, texting, web surfing and wondered how to get them to slow down and come in to buy a pastry. Your free videos on restaurant mobile marketing gave me the answers I’d been looking for. We launch a QR code and static signage promo to get opt-ins to our list and as soon as we hit 500, we used our mobile marketing agency to send out our first SMS marketing message offering an e-coupon good only on Wednesdays (our notoriously slowest day). Wow- what a difference! I’m a believer – text message marketing for restaurants really works! Thanks for all the info on mobile text marketing and other mobile marketing services.”
Margie – Helena, MT
The future of restaurant marketing is mobile marketing. Our FREE video training on mobile phone marketing will show you how to tap into this movement to fill seats and turn tables.

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Our totally free mobile marketing training will show you tips and tricks from top mobile marketing companies that are using restaurant mobile marketing to triple their clients’ net profit. Our restaurant mobile marketing training will show you:

  • Restaurant SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Apps for Restaurants (including mobile app development)
  • Mobile Marketing Websites
  • And so much more… act now!

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