Mobile Coupons are cheap, easy to send and can mean a HUGE increase to your restaurant's bottom line!

You simply cannot afford to miss this great training on all aspects of restaurant based mobile marketing including how to setup a successful mobile coupon campaign.






[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Heads up restaurant owners and managers – – are you using mobile coupons for restaurants to bring in customers? Do you have a mobile website? Are you using any mobile marketing strategies? Are you in the mobile marketing game at all? marketing.[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

If any of your answers were no, you need to try our free course on restaurant mobile coupons and all aspects of restaurant mobile


Restaurant Mobile Coupons


Nearly 75% of mobile users are on the web on their smart phones every day and 95% of these are doing local searches – searches for services they need, stores to shop at and places to dine. By using a mobile marketing service, you can reach prospective customers right where they are – on the go – on the mobile phone in their hand. One of the best ways to tap into the potential of restaurant mobile marketing is with mobile coupons. Nearly 40% of all mobile phone users say they plan to use mobile coupons within the next 12 months. Working on your own or with a mobile marketing agency, you can offer restaurant mobile coupons and reach these people! Try our free course on mobile coupons for restaurants today!


QR codes for restaurants


We are a society of increasingly mobile lifestyles with nothing tethering us to our desks, whether at home or at the office. Over half of all cell phones are smart phones and even standard cell phones browse the web – currently, 90% of phones sold have some sort of web browser.

Get into restaurant mobile marketing and learn how mobile marketing companies can help develop mobile marketing strategies so the restaurant they search for and find is yours. From QR codes to mobile coupons and all aspects of mobile web marketing, our free course will show you all you need to know to find and launch the best mobile marketing services for your establishment.


Mobile Coupon for Restaurant SMS Marketing


[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Why Do I Need to Offer Mobile Coupons? I’m in the local Val-Pak mailers and the neighborhood newspaper – isn’t that enough?[/headline_arial_small_left]

It’s not enough in terms of the amount of people you’re reaching and it’s way too much in terms of what you’re paying for these low response rate print ads. All mobile marketing companies will tell you that restaurant mobile coupons are (at a minimum) 10 times more effective than print coupons in the newspaper and 8 times more effective than bulk mailer coupons. One of the most effective mobile marketing strategies for restaurant mobile marketing is mobile coupons. Consider these facts about restaurant mobile coupons:

  • Four out of five mobile users have used at least one mobile coupon within the last 12 months
  • 20% of smart phone users actively search for mobile coupons for local businesses
  • 45% of smart phones users prefer to receive offers from businesses via SMS messaging


Mobile Coupons for Restaurant Training Tutorial


If you own or manage a restaurant and are not using QR codes, mobile coupons and other mobile marketing service, you are not pulling in the market share and profits you could be. Our free course on all aspects of mobile web marketing is the best place to get started! We’ll show you tips and strategies from top mobile marketing companies! Try it now!

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[testimonial1_arial author=”Paulette – Boca Raton, FL“]“Our Greek/Italian place is feeling the heat from competition and the recession. I found your training on mobile coupons for restaurants and knew instantly it was a fit for our business. We tried a couple of different mobile marketing companies before settling on a small, local mobile marketing agency. Together we developed some mobile marketing strategies and launched QR codes on street signs and flyers to build our text database. Once we had built our list to around 600 customers, we decided to launch our mobile marketing service. Our first go at mobile coupons was a big hit – our mobile marketing agency advised we send restaurant mobile coupons to the whole list, so we did. We did a same-day offer on our slowest day and we were covered up in business! Based on what our mobile marketing agency had predicted, we were hoping for an additional 80-100 orders – we ended up with nearly 200. We had almost a 30% redemption rates on our mobile coupons – we were thrilled, amazed and excited for our next time. The next times went just as well. Thanks for giving us a start with restaurant mobile marketing!”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Janelle – Aurora, CO“]“I manage a gourmet yogurt shop in a suburban area and lately I’ve noticed a bunch of other yogurt shops cropping up. I was getting worried about losing business to competition. Your free videos on mobile coupons for restaurants were really informative. We had dabbled in mobile web marketing before – we had worked with a mobile marketing agency on a mobile website that seemed to be doing fine. When we had talked to mobile marketing companies before, they mentioned that we needed mobile marketing strategies such as QR codes and mobile coupons for restaurants, but we put it off. After watching your mobile web marketing course, I was ready to launch another mobile marketing service. We started posting QR codes that fed into our text database. We used that to launch mobile coupons – and we got a 19% response rate on our first run and then 21% the next time and it’s been creeping up a little each time thanks to us tweaking our efforts.”[/testimonial1_arial]

Still not sure? What do you have to lose? Nothing! And a lot to gain. Try our free course on mobile marketing for restaurants to learn all about mobile coupons, mobile sites, text messaging and QR codes. It’s risk free and developed specifically for restaurant owners and managers – try it now!


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