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Restaurant owners all over the country are seeing how restaurant mobile apps are bringing in diners on even the slowest nights. With 1 billion apps download per month, mobile phone apps are gaining in popularity every day on both iPhone and Android platforms.


Restaurant Mobile Apps


Have you ever noticed how many people walk down the street, wait in lines, sit in restaurants and do everything with their mobile phones in hand? We are a nation of increasingly mobile-savvy consumers who never slow down and never put down our mobile phone. Apps are the natural evolution of the mobile experience – whether you build mobile apps that entertain or serve as a tool, as long as you interest and engage the potential diner, mobile app development can bring in more business and increase your bottom line!

[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]How Do I Get Started With Restaurant Mobile Apps? Is It Hard to Build Mobile Apps?[/headline_arial_small_left]

It’s easier than you can know – there are free and low-cost tools so you can build mobile apps for your restaurant. You can learn mobile app development starting today with our free videos training on how to create mobile apps. We’ll show you how to build mobile apps that intrigue, entertain and then translate into revenue for your restaurant.


Restaurant Mobile App Creation


If you don’t want to try to build mobile apps yourself, we’ll show you how to find the best mobile apps developers for your restaurant and budget. Once you know the basics of how to build mobile apps, then you can brainstorm for great ideas for mobile phone apps with your app developer.

Working on your own to with a mobile app developer, it’s not hard to gain the know-how to build mobile apps – watch our videos and see how today!

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[testimonial1_arial author=”Shay – Joliette, ND“]“I love mobile apps – I always check out what’s fun, popular and free. I never thought about how to build mobile apps for my restaurant though. I run a lunch counter in a busy office park that does a brisk business for lunch, but we do have some off days (Fridays mostly) and the breakfast crowd is a little thin. I was trying to figure out what to do when I saw your video training on restaurant mobile apps – that really got me thinking about how to create mobile apps to bring in business. I love mobile phone apps that are games, but wasn’t sure that was the right route for me. Instead, I thought of my customers – they are busy, busy business people who toe tap impatiently in line, mobile phone in hand while waiting for their lunch. I decided to build mobile apps to pull the toe tappers out of line – working with mobile apps developers and with your excellent advice on how to build mobile apps – we launched a pre-order and pre-pay app where people can place and pay for their order and tell us what time they will be there to pick it up and we have it ready – they get to avoid the line completely and we get extra business from people who don’t have time to wait in line. Mobile app development has energized our lunch business! My next foray into mobile app development will be to tackle the breakfast issue – thanks for all your tips on mobile apps for restaurants!”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Clay – Mobile, AL“]“We run a family BBQ place and have found that Monday and Wednesday nights are a bit slow and we needed to find a way to increase sales on those days or else close down on those days. Then I saw your videos on mobile apps for restaurants! I was intrigued, but was still not sure how I could create mobile apps to bring in business. We talked to a couple mobile apps developers and then brainstormed. In the end, we decided to build mobile apps that were family-centric. With our restaurant mobile apps, customers can view our menu, get directions, read reviews, click to call, view different weeknight specials (best deals are on Mon and Wed) and then for the kids, our mobile apps feature a farmyard piggy they can play with to earn points that translate into cash savings for mom and dad on menu items. Mon and Wed we offer double redemption on mobile phone apps game points. Now Monday and Wednesday are almost as profitable as our busiest nights! I can’t say thank you enough times for all of the wonderful information on mobile app development.”[/testimonial1_arial]


mobile apps for restaurants and diners


If you own a restaurant, our free video training on mobile apps for restaurants is a must-see! We will show you all the basics of restaurant mobile apps, websites and text messaging. You won’t find this much valuable information on how to build mobile apps anywhere – much less for free! From how to find and work with mobile apps developers to how to create mobile apps that translate into profits, our free videos on mobile apps for restaurants will get you started in the right direction! Try it now!


Free mobile app training for restaurants

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