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A recent Pew Research Center survey revealed that over 66% of Americans prefer to connect to the web on their mobile device. The survey added that over 80% of people are never farther than 3 feet from their phones 24 hours a day. The device they never put down is the key to getting your marketing message out.

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Do I Need Mobile Marketing?

If you own a business, yes. If you own a restaurant, heck yes! Whether you decide to launch your own mobile marketing services or consider using mobile marketing companies to help develop your mobile marketing strategies and mobile marketing campaigns, it’s important that you get into the mobile marketing arena right away.

Most diners are constantly on the go – they have to be able to find your restaurant on the mobile web or you may as well not exist. Any mobile marketing agency will tell you that a mobile website is a must-have – even if you don’t go any farther with mobile marketing – you MUST have a mobile website. One-third of your potential customers are accessing you on the mobile web and that number is climbing every day.

If your site won’t load within 3 seconds, 60% of web-browsers will move directly on to a competitor, 30% will hit reload once and then move on as well and 10% will give you an extra reload or two before abandoning your site and moving on. If you don’t have a mobile website and your traditional site won’t load on a mobile device, you are statistically out of luck!

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“I own a gourmet food truck – I keep a certain schedule of locations and then I also show up to events and other area on weekends. It’s important that my customers always know where they can find me. I was posting info on my regular website, but it was cumbersome and I wasn’t technical enough to update it easily. Once I saw your restaurant mobile marketing training, I thought ‘I can do this!’ I sat down, while all the info you gave on mobile marketing services was still fresh and sketched out my mobile marketing strategies and what type of mobile marketing campaigns I could see working for me. With that in hand, I was ready to find a mobile marketing platform and mobile marketing software. I decided to try it myself first and only if I couldn’t do it, would I hire a mobile marketing agency. So far, so good – – I’ve got my mobile website up and am using text messaging mobile marketing services to let people know where I’m at – sooo much easier than update my old cumbersome site. Thanks a mill for all the great tips on mobile marketing services!”
Toni – Atlanta, GA
“I manage a blue-plate dinner kind of place – but more upscale, so I’m always looking for new ways to market our unique dining experience. Your class on mobile marketing for restaurants was a real eye opener. I had never given much thought to mobile marketing and there I was, ready to hire mobile marketing companies, to get a mobile marketing platform, mobile marketing software and develop some mobile marketing campaigns. I did all of these things and now I’ve got one of the top mobile marketing companies in the state working with me on my mobile marketing strategies. Business is booming – thanks for all the great info!”
Joss – San Francisco, CA

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