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Now more than ever your restaurant needs to take advantage of every marketing tool available. Text message marketing is the most lucrative form of marketing ever!






Restaurants all over the US are trying restaurant text message marketing to bring in customers and drive sales. More texts are sent each day than phone calls and the average age of texters is now around 40 years old and rising.

More and more smart phone users are choosing texting as their preferred method of contact with friends, family and businesses – so text message marketing is the go-to method for reaching diners and bringing them in to your restaurant using SMS text marketing, QR codes and mobile coupons.

The great thing about text message marketing for restaurants is that 90% of SMS marketing messages are read and they’re read within minutes. Mobile coupons have the highest redemption rates of any form of discount offer – bulk SMS marketing with mobile coupons see an 11%-30% redemption rate – exponentially higher than paper coupons!


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Text message marketing companies all across the country are showing their clients how restaurant text message marketing can transform their marketing efforts. SMS marketing software is low cost or free if you know where to look and it’s easy to get started with text message marketing today!

Can Text Message Marketing Work for My Restaurant? Is It Expensive?

Yes, yes, yes, in answer to your first question… SMS text marketing will work for any type of dining establishment from food truck to fast food to fine dining. No matter where you’re located or what restaurant niche you’re in, text message marketing for restaurants will work for you – definitely! All you need is to watch our free training on SMS marketing, software and customers willing to share their cell numbers with you!

No, no, no, in answer to your second question… Starting up a text message marketing service is very affordable. You can find free and low cost text message marketing software that’s super-easy to use. If you’re not sure you can handle your own SMS marketing program, you can always hire text message marketing companies to help you out.

Either way, it’s very affordable. If you use your own SMS marketing software, you may be able to send out SMS text marketing messages for less than a penny each. If you use text message marketing companies to manage your text message marketing service, you can expect to pay a few cents each for your text message marketing – even less if they offer use of their text message marketing software for free.



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The ROI on SMS text marketing is high. Text message marketing companies report SMS marketing campaigns generating $4-$24 per bulk SMS marketing campaign depending on your sales prices and the relevancy of your offer. QR codes also have a high response rate, although these are often used as a tool to invite people to join the text list maintained by your text message marketing software.

Try our free SMS marketing training show you how to:
  • Find the easiest to use SMS marketing software for the “technically challenged”
  • Compare text message marketing software to know which is best suited for your restaurant
  • Find the best text message marketing companies for your budget, niche and geographic area
  • Integrate QR codes into your strategy for text message marketing service
  • Find free SMS marketing software to get you started fast!

Learn all about how text message marketing service can revolutionize your restaurant marketing – start today – it’s free!

“Our pancake house competes with a lot of other similar eateries and we needed a game-changing marketing strategy. Watching your free training on text message marketing for restaurants was exactly what we needed. We took your ideas and ran with them – a QR codes campaign got us started building our list and then we found cheap, easy to use text message marketing software so we could launch our text message marketing service. We’ve been sending out mobile coupons to our regulars plus tying our restaurant text message marketing in with our mobile website to encourage the many tourists that visit our little burg to join our list and take advantage of our bulk SMS marketing offers when they’re in town. We are leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors now – thanks to SMS marketing and you guys!”
Charlene – Pigeon Forge, TN
“Our vegan eatery can always use more business – we love our vegan regulars, but wanted to reach out to the local omnivores to see if we could convert them! Your free videos on text message marketing for restaurants were just what we needed – – we launched QR codes aimed at both vegans and non-vegans offering coupons for opt-ins. We then used bulk SMS marketing to send out mobile coupons to lure them in – it worked great! Thanks for all your tips and tricks for restaurant text message marketing!”
Melody – Marina Del Rey, CA

If you own a restaurateur anywhere in the US, you need to master SMS text marketing today! With the highest read and response rates of any promotional tool, text message marketing for restaurants is both affordable and highly effective! Find out how your competitors are using bulk SMS marketing to gobble up market share that could be yours! Using text message marketing is easier than you can imagine – start today with our free video training on restaurant text message marketing!


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